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Ryan O'Connor, Postdoctoral fellow

Project: Heat tolerance and the influence of climate change on snow buntings

Audrey Le Pogam, Ph.D.
Cosupervisor: Oliver Love, University of Windsor
Project: Phenotypic adjustments in response to winter and migration in snow buntings

Thomas Zgirski, Ph.D.
Cosupervisor: Pierre Legagneux, CNRS Chizé, France
Project: Common birds as indicators of biodiversity, an ecophysiological apporach in urban and framland environments

Justine Drolet, M.Sc.

Cosupervisor: Oliver Love, University of Windsor

Project: Heat tolerance in snow buntings

Sara Senécal, M.Sc.

Cosupervisor: Christian Nozais, UQAR

Project: Personality, reproductive effort and success in chickadees

Julie-Camillle Riva, M.Sc.

Supervisor: Christian Nozais, UQAR

Project: Timing of prey availability and reproductive success in chickadees


Myriam Milbergue, Ph.D.

Cosupervisor: Pierre Blier, UQARProject: Cellular mechanisms of heat production and acclimation to cold in small birds


Marie-Pier Laplante, M.Sc.

Cosupervisor: Oliver Love, University of Windsor

Project: Winter energy managment reserve management and causes of winter nomadic movements in the snow bunting

Emily Cornelius Ruhs, Ph.D. and postdoctoral fellow

Supervisor: William Karasov,

University of Wisconsin-Madison

Project: Physiological responses to variation in resource availability in black-capped chickadees

Quinn Fletcher, Postdoctoral fellow

Project: Des Nids Chez Vous: Involving primary school kids in learning about science and birds

Magali Petit, Ph.D.
Project: Seasonal acclimatization and fitness in a small resident passerine, the black-capped chickadee


Fanny Hallot, Ph.D.

Project: Carryover effects of winter and reproduction in small passerines

Sean Powers, MSc

Supervisor: Oliver Love University of Windsor

Project: Endocrine regulation of energetic stores in birds

Karine Dubois, M.Sc.
Project: Rate of change in metabolic performance in response to thermal variations in three North-American passerine species 

Agnès Lewden, M.Sc.
Project: Influence of social dominance on metabolic performance of small wintering passerines 

Clément Mandin, M.Sc.
Project: Winter variation in blood markers of body condition

Limoilou-Amélie Renaud, M.Sc.

Supervisor: Martin-Hugues St-Laurent, UQAR
Project: Endocrine markers of stress in caribou

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